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Question regarding JJ Abrams

PostPosted:Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:08 am
by AaroKin
Since I'm having a lazy Sunday morning I thought I'd watch The Last Jedi that's on Sky. Now something at the very end of the film got me, not why only some of Luke's clothes vanished when he did (but then again was he Force projecting his clothes the whole time he was training Rey???) and it wasnt how Han's dice stayed visible long after Luke disappeared??

It's the credits and one in particular.....Executive Producer J.J.ABRAMS....with all the grief and hate thats lumped onto Rian Johnson over his supposed 'killing' of Star Wars how has good'ol JJ gotten off scott free in the eyes of so many fans. Episode VII was successful yes, but even someone who only has a vague knowledge of A New Hope can see he borrowed heavily from it so I'm still not convinced hes delivered a Star Wars film that can really be judged....I know Rian's use of AT-AT like walkers attacking a base and the Throne Room scene are similar to previous Episodes but for good or bad he had a lot of material and situations that were totally new to the Universe. Seeing as JJ Abrams had such an important position during the making of Episode VIII surely he had the power to sway or veto any creative decisions that he felt weren't true to the Universe he knows so 'well'.....yet he didn't and never recieved any backlash over it?

Colin Trevorrow was supposedly fired from Directing Episode IX because Kathleen Kennedy wasnt happy with the script, she did however green light the scripts for Episodes VII and VIII so I'm not one hundred percent sure she should really be the one who makes those decisions.

With J.J. coming out and saying he's trying to shoe horn in as much of the Original and Prequel trilogies as he can into Episode IX makes me think/worry that theyre making a 'fan-friendly' film to try to bring back the fan base and inject some more interest into the Galaxy's Edge ticket sales instead of a movie that ends the Saga in a way no one saw coming.

*I promise I wasnt trying to be negative or to bash anyone....I'm just worried about The Rise of Skywalker*